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Achieve Better Mixing With Online Mix Coaching


I'm here to help you become a better engineer and learn the things you want to learn. 

Yes, You! You love music. Perhaps you are someone who's discovered the joy of home recording. Everyone can have access to the tools, but I can help you make recordings you, and others will love in a relatively short time saving you time getting lost in the sea of information on the internet with face to face practical guidance. Maybe you're an artist who has the pressure of making commercial quality releases at home or with limited resources. There's so much competition there is no room for average anymore. Work with someone who has achieved success for recording artists around the world, and apply it to yourself. Maybe you're already a working engineer that wants to up your game for a next level professional gig, or just valuable gain insight from an experienced mentor and build pro level confidence. The recording studio world has changed so much it's  hard to get to work with other seasoned pros and get your career moving in the direction you want it to go.

No matter your level or situation, I an here to help you make progress, achieve transformation and get to where you want to be in the world of recording. 

Mixer Keys


It's never been easier to get into recording and mixing, but at the same time, it's never been harder to learn the right skills and mindset to become a great engineer. Gone are the days of learning in a professional studio as an assistant, and while there are so many choices of mixing and mastering courses, and millions of random YouTube videos with so much information available today it's easy to get confused and never develop the skills you need to get your mixes sounding like commercial releases.


I was disappointed by how much bad information there was on social media, and the skill level of completely unqualified people teaching how to mix music out there, most of who have never even worked in a studio or made a hit record. Finally, after 20 years of engineering, I decided to do something about it and start mix coaching. If you're serious about getting good, I'm here for you to help you find your sound.

Mikey Johnson, AUS

"Working with Adam has given me confidence to be able to mix my music to a level I never thought possible. He sets achievable tasks, provides quick and clear guidance and feedback and went above and beyond in researching best practices for the (minimal) set up that I have. I’m still using the tips, tricks and plugins that Adam shared and (hopefully) making better mixes all the time!

Michael Baum, NC

"Adam has a keen ability to cut through the noise and mixing misinformation on YouTube and social media. His lessons are practical and stem from his many years experience working in the music industry. Better mixes are practically guaranteed as I have seen my skills improve dramatically in 2 short months. Highly recommend."

Kelly K, TX

"Adam has taught me more in a few months working with him than I learned in years twisting knobs and staring at DAWS. His advice applies to the fundamentals so even though we have different stuff, he was able to give me a ton of useful, practical knowledge that I still use every day."

How I Help You


Digging into your mixes, providing feedback and guidance to help you grow and get better at mixing


Being available to answer your questions based on 20 years of working in studios as a pro


Tasks to help you improve your mixing and learn new techniques


Weekly One on One Zoom based coaching sessions

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